Tempered Steel CD release show – report

Tempered Steel CD Release

Tempered Steel: Dennis Rea, Me, Frank Junk – Click and zoom in to see my red eye from hell!

(Chapel Performance Space- 10/05/2012)Last night, we of the way out, psychedelic thumb piano trio, Tempered Steel, had our first CD release show. It was a great success and was clearly enjoyed by the audience in the gorgeous setting of the Chapel Performance Space. The night got off to a little bit of a rocky start.  We were left on our own to figure out how to work the high end sound system. I was no help with that because I showed up pretty late (excuse me, I take the bus). But then, after all too short but amazing sets from Noisepoetnobody and Crutchman, things fell together and sounded awesome as they inexplicably tend to with this odd concept group. Thank you to all who attended.

UPDATE: Frank found a blog that contains a really nice review of the show. Mr. Scribner is taking it upon himself to write very thoughtful reviews of various local adventurous music events so check his blog out!

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