Temperamental midi sync

The Culprit??

So last night I went to the practice studio early before Tempered Steel rehearsal in hopes of getting work done on a new song. I ended up spending the whole time troubleshooting technical issues instead. The real kicker is that when the other guys showed up and it was time to get out the thumb pianos, is when things started working fine. Go figure.

This sort of thing just kind of comes with the territory when electronic gear is concerned. Sometimes, things just don’t work and then they do. Yeah, it’s very frustrating. I do, in this case, have a theory as to what happened. Just because it’s something I don’t normally do. In my live set up, I have basically two main midi controllers: my keytar, and my Roland FC-300 foot controller. When I got the FC-300, I was promised it could do everything, so when I saw that it had a midi in on the back, I just assumed that I would be able chain it with my keytar and thus be able to use both at the same time. Silly me. It seems every time I get something new I end up making some silly assumption like that. I guess I’ll never learn. So to remedy the situation and be able to use both, I ended up getting an Anatek Pocket Merge. Just one more tiny little box to add to the clutter. So when I got to the studio that night, all eager to get working on my new song, I plugged the keytar in through the Pocket Merge, but not the foot controller. I guess that messed up my system just enough to throw the timing off. I don’t know if it makes any sense that, while troubleshooting, I had reset everything with the Pocket Merge completely bypassed. But it started working again when I reset it with both midi devices plugged in. Perhaps I’ll never know, but regardless, I’ve got a new thing to never ever ever do again.

UPDATE: Playing with things more, the sync issue still comes up. I’m thinking now that it may be on account of this new song using an additional VST plugin as opposed to the just one that I play with my keytar. It seems to consistently come up after I save a patch on one. Strangely, while restarting the computer doesn’t at all help, putting it to sleep be closing the laptop seems to fix everything. Weird, huh? Regardless, the Pocket Merge is off the hook, at least for now.

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