Signal Gone Astray

Full album of artsy synth rock like you've never heard it before!

Patterns in the Storm Vol. I

Patterns in the Storm Vol. I is a bold exploration of electronic sound. It's a multifaceted showcase of Ffej's experimental side, driven by his fascination with the incidental music of machines. Hypnotic rhythms are created by careful tuning of various time based elements such as arpeggiation, low frequency oscillators and delay. Undulations manifest as the cycles and tones drift in and out of phase. Subtle guidance by human hands serves to shape these sonic phenomena into something some would call music.

Tempered Steel

Tempered Steel features Ffej, Frank Junk, and Dennis Rea playing amplified, electronically processed thumb pianos. The trio's seamless improvisations conjure everything from phantom harpsichords and subterranean percussion to vintage musique concrete.

The Deep Code

The solo sci-fi rock opera! This diverse collection of songs, style ranging from techno pop to noise punk to experimental, propels the listener through a gripping narrative about a young man finding his calling in a not so distant future.

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