Rendezvous Nov. 27th

It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to figure out why I like the Rendezvous.  Its a place where I get to do the kind of multi-media, song and dance, keytar, virtual modular, Ableton Live kind of set that I love to do, and have it work to it’s full effect. Like in this video below.

I’m actually not sure I’m going to end up playing this song but you get the idea. Pretty fun.

Michael Ray and the Plastic Sheets: The Plastic Sheets consist of Nic and Gerald of Wickt as well as a guy on drums who I don’t know personally but I’m sure he’s cool. Michael Ray is the guy, who in years long past, orchestrated the video projects for their earlier band, Euphondisson. Here, he literally struts onto the stage to front what these guys tend to call their “country band”. What comes out is more like rowdy, rockabilly inspired punk.

Man in a Can:
Frank Junk is known, of course, for being another 3rd of Tempered Steel. He’s responsible for crafting many of the Thumb Pianos we play. Like the rest of us, playing thumb pianos is not all that he does. It’s unknown at this time what exactly he will do, or how many homemade sound generating toys will be involved. Expect it to be strange and enthralling.

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