New Song: Into the Mix

Cement Mixer Joy Ride! Still image from the background video for the new song.

I’ve got a new song to play for the show tomorrow. Whenever I have a new song for a set, I always find myself proceeding with a mix of excitement and dread. Just to give everyone a little preview, here are the lyrics for it.

Into the Mix

I’m in the big city, I’m singing again
About the steam that lingers in the souls of men
Cobble and clay and copper plate
Places to go, no time to wait

I sow the seeds of sympathy
On the barren ground of Ego St.
So Alive, so in the know
Into the mix- Myself I throw

Catalyst, get the gist, chain reaction
More than the sum of the moving parts
Blending in and gaining traction
Riding in on shopping carts

Go along and do no wrong(x2)
Write a song and make it long(x2)
Hit the gong and pass the bong(x2)
Into the Mix- I put my song

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