Lyrics for ‘Timegrinder’

313964457_0cbdfb7815_zThis is a song I got out of some old text I wrote when I had an idea for a weird video project that I never got around to doing. All I was going for was an overwhelming amount of nonsense. For what it’s worth, I believe that mission is very much accomplished. I’ve restructured the words to fit with a patch that I had on the iMS20, one where I was messing around with the devices convoluted method of generating sample and hold. This brings the number of songs that I have for the app up to six. That’s enough for a respectable iMS20 only ep! It should be fairly easy to get recorded versions of these songs polished up and available in some form, so it shouldn’t be too long before I do.


The bend of space is Saturn hay.
Tendrils reach to fiery skies.
Lag is the word of the synchronized mythos
That fills the sponges of your mind.
Expand and contract.
Receive and accept.
Reveal and destroy.
It’s the cry of the the timegrinder,
The soul of the searing rain.
Delicate balance at the edge of the universe.

Oxymorons sit
In ironically comfortable chairs.
Only in transit will you believe
In the thread that joins the stars.
Fold of the abstract.
Oasis of truth.
It’s the song of the timegrinder
Ringing in your ear.
A rock is jammed in the hourglass
And an eon lapses.

Directionless arrow.
Projectile thoughts.
Schoenberg and Schrödinger play charades
On your shoulders.
Are you sure you know where the hammer falls.
The proof is layered.
Reality stacked.
It’s in the eye of the timegrinder
Staring across a stormy sea.
You’re cast into the timegrinder.

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