Lyrics for ‘Row’

row boatI’m just finishing getting this song worked out now. It’s one of the ones I’m doing on the iMS20 ipad app. Like many of my songs, it’s based around a low end synth tone that’s modulated to give the sense of undulating waves, but this one is more fluid sounding than most anything I’ve done yet. Listening back to it, I get the sense of bobbing up and down, lost at sea, so naturally, I made the song about trying to get back to shore. It’s a bit more minimal, lyrically, that a lot of my other songs. I’ve been trying to exercise restraint in that way, lately. I get the sense that when I write songs with lots of words it kind of overwhelms the music a bit.


The method and direction of your path
Are close
The effort is now underway to save
Your soul
The fathoms are so churning violently
The method and direction of your path
Are close

Row Fly
Swim Try
Flow Why?
Rain Cry
Row On
All Night

With every stroke you’re just a little closer
She’s on the shore you’re going to get to know her
With every stroke you’re going to go forward
The land is close, the waves are getting lower

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