Korg iMS20

Virtual spaghetti! Yeah, that's my patch.

Virtual spaghetti! Yeah, that’s my patch.

This app is pretty much what sold me on getting an iPad. When iPads where first released, I had figured there would be some really cool music apps to get on it, but when it comes to this one, I had no idea how cool! If this was just a quality emulation of a classic vintage synthesizer, which this is, it would have been fun enough. It would have made me happy. But it comes with a wide range of extra features as well, not the least of which is a 6 track drum sequencer, the sounds of which are all separate instances of the synth engine, all near to fully editable. They can be used to add extra sounds or melodies of any kind. That’s cool.

I’ve had this for a couple of years now, and over that time I’ve composed a few songs exclusively for it. My next release will likely be entirely songs and pieces done with it. Recording has been an interesting challenge. The mix is done all within the app. While the mixer screen is quite functional, you don’t get the option of giving the tracks individualized EQ and compression like what you would need to get a really good quality mix. I’ve been experimenting with ways to get what I want out of the 2 track output with post possessing. I’m getting pretty good results but I’m still messing around with it. We’ll see how that goes.

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