Hipster Death Fest – report

Flyer(Josephine- 10/21/2012) And so it was that I was the 2nd to the last act to perform in the 5 day spectacle of noise, metal and experimental weirdness that was Hipster Death Fest 2012. This was a Sunday afternoon, cool down with pancakes kind of event and it went great. To be honest, performing with a scant amount of analog gear, like I chose to do that day, can be quite hit and miss. It sounds incredible when it works out and clicks, but can also sound really tedious and dumb when it doesn’t. I can say with confidence that, this time at least, it worked. I think I managed to channel the vibe of the crowd and the event and make it into one heck of an inspired performance. So thank you to all who came and helped make the show a great success. Also, thanks to the other acts of the evening: Quiet Things proved just how ironic a band name can be by going old school noise via the table full of effects pedals route. Pulling Out the Light filled the room with her deliciously subtle analog tones. And the honor of closing out the festival with a bang went to Sentient Explosive: the explosive combination of percussionist Dean Moore and electronic sound artist Noispoetnobody.

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