Das Kraftzwerg

Ffej and his KraftzwergIt’s like the sound of a massive modular set up, but with only the parts that you use 90% of the time anyway, in a compact little box that doesn’t weigh any more than a video game controller. That’s the beauty of the amazing Kraftzwerg. This is a real cool little synth by a little German company called MFB. It’s what I plan to bring and play for the up and coming gig on Sunday. (and not much else) I just love the concept of stepping up in front of the audience with an singular, small machine in my hand and letting that carry the set. Getting the most out of it is part of the challenge as well as part of the fun. All of its compact qualities would be pointless if it didn’t sound great, but that it does. Nice full classic analog sound- the kind that inspires me to play music in the first place. I used it on this track. Listen and enjoy.

Hope you can make it to the show.

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  1. Like always, a pleasure to see and speak with you. Look forward to your set on Sunday and get in touch once you’re ready to knock out some vocals. Otherwise, doom.

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