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Rendezvous Nov. 27th

It shouldn’t be too hard for anyone to figure out why I like the Rendezvous.  Its a place where I get to do the kind of multi-media, song and dance, keytar, virtual modular, Ableton Live kind of set that I … Continue reading

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Temperamental midi sync

So last night I went to the practice studio early before Tempered Steel rehearsal in hopes of getting work done on a new song. I ended up spending the whole time troubleshooting technical issues instead. The real kicker is that … Continue reading

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Hipster Death Fest – report

(Josephine- 10/21/2012) And so it was that I was the 2nd to the last act to perform in the 5 day spectacle of noise, metal and experimental weirdness that was Hipster Death Fest 2012. This was a Sunday afternoon, cool … Continue reading

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Das Kraftzwerg

It’s like the sound of a massive modular set up, but with only the parts that you use 90% of the time anyway, in a compact little box that doesn’t weigh any more than a video game controller. That’s the … Continue reading

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A video of videos

I’m starting work on a project to contribute to the backdrop video for one of my new-ish songs.  I’ve made a video for it already and have performed it a couple of times, but I’m now revisiting it.  The song, … Continue reading

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