Now mixing: Patterns in the Storm – Vol. II

0506-iIt’s been nearly a decade since I first put out Vol. I. Burning, printing and assembling the CDs by myself, one at a time seemed like the best way to go back then. Turned out to be tedious as hell! Since then, short run productions of CDRs are much more common, making life a lot easier for independent musicians such as myself. Last year, I put out a reissue of the 1st volume, complete with the unique, psychedelic packaging: a theme I plan to develop in the future with this series.

So what makes this a series? First of all, it’s a different style of music from my own brand of twisted electronic pop. It’s completely instrumental, and driven by vaguely strategic improvisation. It’s very experimental and too aggressive in tone to be ambient, although not quite harsh enough to be considered noise. However, if there is any binding concept to the series, it would be in the overall approach toward making the music. Over my many years of using electronic devices, I’ve become fascinated with the kind of accidental rhythms they generate on their own. Playing with multiple time based factors such as sequencing, envelopes, modulation, and delay, I love to just let them merge and conflict to create complex, pulsing sounds. I manipulate the machines with human purpose: to find order in the chaos, patterns in the storm.

I’m now working with a group of sessions that I recorded over the summer that I’m particularly happy with. The synthesizers I used are the Vermona Perfourmer, the DSI Evolver, MFB Kraftwerk as well as some soft synths on the computer. I have several new plug ins to be experimenting with. At this point, it’s still anyone’s guess as to when it’s going to be done. I’m hoping soon, but we shall all see.

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Post from a crowded bus.

IMG_0213.JPGIt’s been a couple of days now since I’ve made Emulation Phase available online. And when I say available, I mean for free! It seems that every time I get to this point with a project, where I believe it’s good enough to share with the public, I’m pretty sick of hearing it myself. It may be a little less so with this one, but right now I just want other people to hear it also. Hopefully, some will enjoy it and not get sick of it as well.

Let’s see…what else. Oh yeah, I got to play drums last night. Very humbling experience for sure. Sticking with machines for the foreseeable future.

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Available Now: Emulation Phase

Download for free on

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Video Blog 12: Mastering Emulation Phase

I am now taking on the task of mastering my own material. For those of you who don’t know what mastering is, don’t worry. A lot of musicians don’t really understand it either. That has included myself for a very long period of time. I’m seeking to change that. Emulation Phase is the name of the EP that I’ve been making off and on over the course of a couple of years now. Besides not having the necessary tools and understanding before, one reason I’ve liked to have mastering done by someone else was that it would get it listened to and worked on by a fresh set of ears. Indeed, after writing, practicing, performing, recording and mixing a song, I get pretty tired of listening to it. I’m now thinking that I can get into a process that allows for a delay time of a few months (or years) before I get back to really put the finishing touches on. That’s what I’ve done with this one. We’ll see how that works out.

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The Moving Building

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