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20121009-125152.jpgI don’t really have anything to say at this point, but here’s a new blog post anyway. I don’t plan to make much of a habit of post with no meaningful content. If that’s what I really wanted to do, I’d get a Twitter account. But what is of note here is that I’m writing this from my iPad. I know that a lot of you kids aren’t impressed, but I remember times when, if you wanted to spread gossip amongst all of your friends, you would have to do it from your phone AT HOME. Well, I’m still at home. I don’t get outside the house too much. Yeah, my life is actually quite boring.

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A video of videos

Adrian Veidt

Alan Moore almost 30 years ago copied an idea from my future performances. How did he do that?

I’m starting work on a project to contribute to the backdrop video for one of my new-ish songs.  I’ve made a video for it already and have performed it a couple of times, but I’m now revisiting it.  The song, entitled “All Place”, was composed to be a dramatic intro piece for a live set.  Lyrically, it’s quite abstract, but the inspiration for it is derived from growing up in a media saturated culture to live in our current age of connectivity.  The idea I had at the beginning was to start the show sitting on the stage, facing away from the audience, watching rows of televisions, all flipping through various channels.  I had rejected the idea for several reasons, one being that I think it’s kind of cliche.  However, the other day, while practicing the song, I decided that I still liked it as an idea and I really don’t care how cliche it is.  Sometimes, as an artist, you just got to realize that you can’t be 100% original all the time and that it would be a mistake to try.  The other thing that held me back was all the work that it would take to make it possible.  To really get the right effect, we’re talking about a video composition involving a huge amount of little clips.  To find, download a and edit these clips will be time consuming and tedious.  Is it really worth the trouble for something that’s kind of cliche?  I’ve decided that if it’s what fits with my overall vision as performer, yeah, sure!  So it might take me a while, but that’s what I’m setting out to do.

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Tempered Steel CD release show – report

Tempered Steel CD Release

Tempered Steel: Dennis Rea, Me, Frank Junk – Click and zoom in to see my red eye from hell!

(Chapel Performance Space- 10/05/2012)Last night, we of the way out, psychedelic thumb piano trio, Tempered Steel, had our first CD release show. It was a great success and was clearly enjoyed by the audience in the gorgeous setting of the Chapel Performance Space. The night got off to a little bit of a rocky start.  We were left on our own to figure out how to work the high end sound system. I was no help with that because I showed up pretty late (excuse me, I take the bus). But then, after all too short but amazing sets from Noisepoetnobody and Crutchman, things fell together and sounded awesome as they inexplicably tend to with this odd concept group. Thank you to all who attended.

UPDATE: Frank found a blog that contains a really nice review of the show. Mr. Scribner is taking it upon himself to write very thoughtful reviews of various local adventurous music events so check his blog out!

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New Ffejsite is Now a Reality

Ffej and Werber

Werber’s been a happy cat lately because when I’m at work at the computer it means he has some legs to sleep on.

So I don’t know if it shows, but I put a lot of work into this. Now this is what I call a website. I may not know much about web design but I know what I want, and I am now happy to say that I finally have the website I’ve wanted for a really long time. It took things like WordPress, Youtube and Soundcloud for it to happen, for a hack like me to pull it off. You may notice that you are now reading a BLOG post. That means there will be more to come (it sure wouldn’t be much of a blog if not, right) so from now on out, anyone who cares can expect to stay informed regarding my musical endeavors as well as other aspects of my life. It may even give one insight into the inner workings of my brain. Scary and not for the weak of heart, I know, but I have faith in a lot of you. I think we can do this. “Do what?” you may ask…well, it’s kind of hard to say. Let me just say that I think that something’s been missing lately, and I don’t think I’ve been alone with that feeling. Its the kind of abstract gap that someone with some strange songs and synthesizers just might be able to fill. But of course, it’s never going to happen if no one’s paying attention, and that’s where you come in. I’m thinking of this as a new beginning, and to all of the rest of you that may want a new beginning as well, maybe now’s the time. Okay, I’m talking all sort’s of crazy nonsense now, but I can do that. IT’S MY SITE!

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