Lyrics for ‘Transformative Mode’

monarch-caterpillar-clipart-69488_insects_butte_lgA new song I’m really excited about. I hope to get a recording of this as well as several others made in the near future.

Transformative Mode

I wanna go, go, go
And at the same time stay
It’s the limbo logic
Of the changing state

The wildest ride
It’s the one inside
All the weight is falling
And the knots are tied

Reconfiguration Leads to a
New Sensation one that’s
Filled with False Elations

It’s time for a
Transformation I’m ready for a
Transformation And I’m searching for the
Right Equation To get to a real

The only things constant in life are change and all the people who think they are clever by saying as much.
But things that can’t go on forever, Dont.
So I’m waiting for the lights to change, for that bright signal flare to assend into the sky
And things that can’t go on forever, Dont.
So how many more new years?
New Homes?
New Songs?
All with the same empty promise,
While I’m running on a treadmil,
Running out of Gas,
Running on Legacy Gear
And things that can’t go on forever…

Just Dont.

I wanna’ wipe off the slate
I wanna’ clean up my plate
I wanna’ shake it around
I wanna’ tear it all down

I just wanna’ burn it all to the ground

I’m in a valley of fog
I’m in a pipe with a clog
I’m gonna’ shout with my feat
I gonna’ shout in the street

I just want to take it out to the street
and start singin’…

Who has time for this sort of thing
You never gonna find a new chord to strike or bell to ring
Until ya know, know know
Transformative Mode
Is On!

Transformative Mode
It’s On!

You got your roots in the stones
And a chill in your bones
But you hear the calling
From your random hopes
Of the days of old

You gotta’ Go, To, The
Transformative Zone
Right Now!

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Monster Planet Flyer

Looking forward to participating in this. Hope to see anyone who can make it out on a Monday there.

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Flyer for Highline 3-7-15

Highline 3-7-15

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My Master(ing) Plan

3484573e19cbd1329f10e60232617b4cFirst the exciting news: My second all experimental album, Patterns in the Storm Vol. II, is now done!

It may be a while, however, until I’m finally ready to share it with all of you. You see, while it may be done it’s not really DONE, done. It still needs to be mastered. If you don’t understand what mastering is, that’s ok, a lot of musicians don’t understand it either. And for the longest time that included me. (here’s a link for the curious) My latest release may be notable for several reasons, not the least of which is that it’s the first thing I’ve put out that I’ve mastered myself. It’s an awesome accomplishment with regards to artistic independence, but there is a certain common wisdom in the business that says artists shouldn’t master their own material. I’ve decided I can circumvent this by waiting, after being done with the final mix, and then coming back to it again later with fresh ears. I wrote about this idea here too. Exactly how long, I’m still not sure. At this point I’m thinking 3 to 6 months seems about right.

So then that begs the next question: What am I going to do with myself during that time? And that’s a good question. I don’t know yet. I do have several new songs in the works. I also have yet another experimental, yet a little different, album that kind of happened from the sessions I recorded for this one (more on that later). I also have a lot of gear and software that is going painfully underutilized, so I may just have to take some time messing around. Ideally, what I’m aiming for is a consistent process where I work on one thing and get it done up to the point of mastering it, and then put it down to work on something else. Kind of maintaining a leap frog pattern to stick with. (thus the picture with this post)

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Working on Patterns in the Storm Vol. II. The audio is just from the built in computer microphone so it really sounds better than this trust me!

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