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Justice League – the animated series

I was pretty happy when the Justice League cartoons from the early 2000’s became available as streaming on Netflix not to long ago. I really like this show. I’ve seen most of them already but revisiting them has been just … Continue reading

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Signal Gone Astray: New album title and cover art!

Would the name and the artwork of any given CD really affect your opinion of the music itself? Who knows, but my guess is probably not. All the same, it’s the kind of thing us artists just love to agonize … Continue reading

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Video Blog 9: ‘Just in Time’ Mix

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Video Blog 8: ‘All Place’ Mix

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Video Blog 7: ‘Cage of Glass’ Mix

Currently, this video blog is serving to document the progress of my new album, with each installment concerning the completion of a rough mix of one song. Audio is taken from my laptop speakers through my laptop mic. Pretty crude … Continue reading

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