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NOW ONLINE: Rocka Chaka Room Music Video

I know you’ve always wanted it. My video backdrop for ‘The Rocka Chaka Room’ streamed through the internet for convenient viewing on your own personal computer. The crossing signal guy bobbing his head to the beat. The oncoming headlights. THAT … Continue reading

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Video Blog 10: CD’s on the Way

All the effects are kind of jarring on this one I know. Sorry but I just had to mess around. The music IS on the CD. It’s the one instrumental piece entitled “In Pursuit of the Signal”

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One Crazy Weekend

Hey! I’ve got to write about something for my crazy weekend. You know, keep content coming onto my blog just to let all you good people know that I’m still alive and keeping busy. I guess it wasn’t really that … Continue reading

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Gear for Sonarchy performance

Late this month, I’m going to head on over to Jack Straw Studios and record my performance for Sonarchy. That is a VERY long running program that airs on KEXP at midnight on Sundays. It’s a showcase that features all … Continue reading

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Ffej Blog – Now with catagories!

That’s right, no more of having all the posts being labeled ‘Uncatagorized’! I’m meaning to add posts on a more regular basis from now on, and I figure I should take advantage of the mechanisms provided to help sort them … Continue reading

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