Who is this guy?

Ffej at Mr. Spot's

Ffej at Mr. Spots (RIP Chicken Hed Church)

Ffej makes innovative music spawned from the love of electronic sound. He’s performed at random and obscure venues around Seattle for over 20 years. Currently, he’s developed his live shows into elaborate multi-media presentations. Boldly taking the stage solo in front of video backdrops of his own creation, he sings and plays a keytar from the 80’s. He’s backed by sequences and synth patches that represent countless hours of programing. Now Ffej is about to release “Signal Gone Astray”, his 5th solo album and best work to date. This diverse collection of songs is at times bouncy and danceable, sometimes lush and dreamy and, now and then, unapologetically noisy. It’s a distinctive, ambitious record that begs to be shared with the world.

It was back in the early 90’s when a then poor and struggling Ffej spent the whole of his tax return on his first analog synthesizer, a Yamaha CS-5. Digital keyboards where still all the rage back then, and not many where interested in old, low-tech synthesizers that could only play one note at a time, but Ffej didn’t get it just because of his budget. He was enthralled with the sound of old keyboards such as this one, and eager to manipulate the raw components of the sound manually with all of it’s physical knobs. Opinions of the masses have changed considerably since then, and now, one can expect to pay over three times as much for the same keyboard as Ffej did. Indeed, many digital synths and computer applications made today strive to emulate the sound that set him apart from the crowd in his early years. Ffej has been slow to adapt to modern times, but now it’s safe to say he has. He now programs all of his drum beats and other backing tracks on his laptop and plays virtual analog synthesizers on the computer as well.

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